Mzansi Money loans

Finding a loan these days can be a much easier process than it was in the past. Mzansi Money is a leading loan-finding service that matches clients with lenders/brokers who will provide unsecured loans for up to R200 000.

The institution processes more than 3000 applications per month. Mzansi Money specialises in providing personal loans that are specifically suited to a client’s needs and budget.

Services offered by Mzansi Money:

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Mulah loans – quick and easy finance

Mulah loans – Applying for a short term loan is quick, easy and convenient nowadays. With a good internets connection, a reliable PC or smart device and your personal information, you can access pretty much any type of finance you need.

Leading micro lender Mulah offers clients quick and easy short term loans in 3 steps:

  • Choose the amount
  • Register online
  • Quick Payout

Why should you choose Mulah loans?

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Miloc loans online

Miloc is a leading financial services provider that was established in 1995.  Since inception, Miloc has built up lots of experience in the financial industry and has become a reliable lender, trusted by many people.

Specialising in providing personal loans to people living or working in the Western Cape, Miloc has a vision to assist clients to achieve a better standard of living through responsible lending.

Loan types offered by Miloc:

Term Loans – These loans are normally for larger sums of money and are repaid over a period of 3 to 24 months.
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Loan Seekers

Getting access to a loan is easier these days. While in the past you had to put your best suit on and head down to your local bank in order to get a loan, now all you have to do is visit a website and apply.

While there are numerous direct lenders online, there are also various loan origination institutions such as Loan Seekers, lenders that specialise in finding ideal loan solutions for individuals.
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Clientele loans online

The tough economic conditions most people find themselves in these days have pushed more people towards finding alternate solutions to their financial challenges. While banks are still the main institutions people think of when in search of loans, an increasing number of people are choosing various other financial institutions for their personal loan needs.

Clientele is a leading financial services provider in South Africa, with years of experience in providing quality services.

In recent years the institution has expanded its service offering to include loans.
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Autorefin vehicle finance

The most common reason that people opt for refinancing is to reduce their car instalments. A leading financial institution that can help with restructuring your vehicle debt is Autorefin.

Founded in 2009, Autorefin is a market leader in the financing and refinancing of vehicles, bikes, boats, caravans and recreational vehicles.

Offering finance for new, leased and used vehicles, Autorefin has long, short term and residual financing.

What are the benefits of choosing Autorefin?

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Ace Cash Express loans

Ace Cash Express is a leading payday loans provider that specialises in giving you “money when you need it most”. Payday loans have increased in popularity in recent years, mainly as a result of the flexibility they offer, easy application processes and fast pay-outs.

More people are choosing payday loans over traditional lending solutions, making this solution more easily accessible.

By choosing Ace Cash Express you are assured of a simple application process. All you have to do is complete an online application and get an instant decision.

What do you need to apply for an Ace Cash Express loan?

  • Social security number
  • Source of income
  • Banking information

What are the benefits of choosing Ace Cash Express?

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Instaloan – short term loans for MTN customers

Instaloan – short term loans for MTN customers

The financial industry is a dynamic one, with an ever-changing system in every country. As technological innovations make it easier for people to work, travel and transact, companies are taking advantage of these changes by improving services for their clients and customers.

MTN is a leading mobile technology company that has a large footprint on the African continent. Over the years the company has grown to amass millions of subscribers in South Africa as well as across the continent.
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Dube Loans South Africa

In today’s harsh economic conditions, it’s becoming harder for people to keep up with rising costs. It’s becoming harder for people to keep up with the ever-increasing fuel prices, while education costs soar at a rate faster than inflation, while salaries aren’t rising at a comparable rate.

Financial institutions like Dube Loans, which belongs to the RCL Group are there to ease the burdens of such situations.

Serving South Africans since 1997, Dube Loans is a specialist provider of simple payday loan solutions.
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