Cambridge Food Cash Loans

Cambridge Food Cash Loans

Life is full of surprises. Some of these are good, some are bad, but most are expensive. School fees, weddings, medical bills, and household and car repairs are just a few unexpected costs that can push your budget right over its limit. Luckily, affordable cash loans that are transparent and accessible are just a click, a call or an SMS away.

Did you know that Cambridge Food, South Africa’s trusted food retail business, offers cash loans from R1,000 to R150,000 that can be repaid in fixed monthly instalments? What’s more, these cash loans are not linked to in-store purchases and cash is deposited directly into your bank account within 24 hours! That’s fast and reliable service from an established brand that you can trust.
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Lime24 loans

Lime24 Short Term Loans

Lime24 short term loans are here to free you from the unbearable money shortages that you find yourself confronted with in the middle of the month. Where to turn when you need extra cash to attend to your daughter’s theatre costume? Well you would naturally turn to friends and family and this only happens after you’ve stayed up all night tossing and turning whilst thinking of how to approach your monetary request from friends or family. Yes, we’ve all been there and it’s never easy but your need for some extra cash shouldn’t leave you sleepless at night and breaking a sweat.

About Lime24 Short Term Loans

Lime24 is a short term loans financial provider. The company has segmented its offering into 4 categories that a client can opt for.
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Hero Life Insurance

Hero Life Insurance

Being a parent changes everything in the blink of an eye. Your little bundle of joy brings a whole new perspective to life. Once you have children they become your whole world and it goes without saying that you want to give them a great life and the best future. Hero Life Insurance was developed specifically for parents who want to give their children a great start in life. Living expenses and educational expenses for children are on the rise each day and without a plan of meeting these financial needs should or your spouse become unable to provide for your family due to unforeseen circumstances.
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Dial Direct Personal Loans

Dial Direct Personal Loans

Get simple cash injections from Dial Direct Personal Loans

Dial Direct has a rich history of insuring the South African public. Launched in South African short term insurance market in 2003, the institution strives to provide “insurance made easy”.
By delivering intelligence value through pioneering innovation, Dial Direct aims to improve its services by continually listening to the needs of its consumers.
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home loan approval tips

Home loans approval tips

What you need to know about the home loans approval tips

A home loan can provide a convenient way of buying property. Instead of having to pay the full amount (which generally costs significantly more than what many people can afford) individuals can pay a financial institution off over a set period of time, with added interest.

While banking institutions continue to remain the most popular choice for home loan applications, there are numerous other lenders offering quality home loan solutions.

Home loans approval tips and process:

Many people find the home loans approval process quite intimidating, even though it has become a lot more transparent in recent years.
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get out of debt

How to become debt free – 3 steps

Becoming debt-free can go a long way towards improving one’s quality of life. Having debt can be regarded as both positive and negative. For someone looking to buy their first home, establishing a good credit record can be useful. Once you start struggling to keep up with debt repayments however, that’s when the trouble starts. This can be regarded as a sign that you need to become debt free.

3 steps on how to become debt free:

  1. Assess your finances thoroughly
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mashonisa loans

Get flexible short term loans from Mashonisa

In a world where living expenses are continually rising, more people have come to increasingly rely on loans in order to cover costs. Flexible short term loans are in demand as more people use them to pay for emergencies or unexpected expenses. Even though banking institutions have been traditionally-relied upon for loan solutions, micro lenders have been known to offer more convenient services. In addition to this, these institutions have become known to provide services that are tailored to individual needs.

Financial institutions such as Mashonisa offer services that are in accordance with stipulations set by the National Credit Act, ensuring that all services are fully transparent and fair according to the law.

About Mashonisa loans

Founded in 2010, Mashonisa is a loan provider, offering 100% free-to-use services. A specialist provider of short term loans, Mashonisa offers quality services to loan applicants.
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Capisense finance loans

About Capisense

Have you ever been in a situation where you think to yourself “If only I had R1 000 or R1 500 extra this month just until my next pay day.” If you answered yes; then you are certainly not alone. A lot of South Africans are finding it more difficult each day to make ends meet and that is no surprise at all in the ruthless economic climate that we find ourselves living in. Now, before you turn to family and friends for a small loan remember that you actually can get professional service with great benefits and competitive interest rates. You don’t have to go through the awkward and embarrassing process of asking family or friends for some money; simply turn to Capisense.
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Get medical loans with Incred Medical Finance

Incred Medical Finance

We’ve got dental! Incred Medical Finance is a financial medical provider that has a branch in the focus of Cosmetic Dentistry finance. We make it our priority to facilitate the treatment and or preventative procedures of any diagnosis relating to teeth, gums and the oral cavity. Cosmetic dentistry is division of dentistry that predominantly deal with the appearance of the teeth in order to improve the form and function thereof. We all need to visit our dentist at least on a quarterly basis but the costs, can be a little bit overwhelming which is why we at Incred have developed cost effective solutions for your mouth!
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investec loans

Investec loans

Benefits offered by Investec personal lending

Investec Private Banking is a specialist financial services provider that helps you to manage and preserve your wealth.

From transactional banking to wealth preservation, Investec has a range of services to offer its clients.

As a banking services and asset management leader for 40 years, Investec offers clients a wide variety of financial solutions. Established in 1974, Investec operates in three major markets: South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The organisation is a specialist provider of banking, management of assets and wealth and investment services.

A registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), Investec has been listed on the London Stock Exchange and Johannesburg Securities Exchange since 2002.
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