makala finance loans

Makala Finance loans – leading credit specialist

Salary loans have increased in popularity in recent years. This may be due to a number of factors. For instance, most people looking for a personal loan want a fast, efficient solution. Payday loans provide this, along with easier qualifying criteria and simple application processes.

As a salary loan specialist, Makala Finance provides occasional financial solutions to existing clients in good standing. The lender currently operates in metropolitan areas only, including Cape Town, Durban, Gauteng and Pietermaritzburg.
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lotus loans

Lotus Personal Loans Durban – providing flexible loan options

When facing a financial emergency chances are that you’ll be looking for a quick solution to your needs.  By choosing Lotus Personal Loans Durban you are assured of a fast turnaround rate, giving you quick access to finance for your needs. You don’t want a complicated application procedure, but rather a quick, hassle-free convenient process.
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recommended loan companies

Recommended loan companies in South Africa

Finding suitable loan companies can be challenging especially if you don’t know what you need to look out for. This article will help you by providing access to recommended loan companies that offer a wide array of loan solutions to meet different needs.

When comparing loan companies, it’s important to compare costs such as interest, administration fees and other hidden fees.
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janokwe cash loans

Janokwe Cash Loans

Janokwe Cash Loans (Pty) Ltd is a personal loans company that specialises in the provision of immediate cash advances. With flexible repayment options, this institution offers individuals an option to choose a maximum affordable loan (this is the highest amount you can get, relative to your salary.)
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metrofin loans durban

Metrofin Loans Durban

Metrofin Loans – financial help in your time of need

The micro lending industry in South Africa is growing at a rapid rate. An increasing number of South Africans are relying on this form of credit in the toughest of circumstances. While traditional lending institutions like banks generally have strict qualifying criteria, micro lending institutions offer convenient financial solutions.

One lender that strives to provide the best services to its clients is Metrofin.
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postbank loans

PostBank Loans application South Africa

South African PostBank Loans are set to change the lives of many individuals. Unsecured, the loans won’t require any form of collateral from applicants. Individuals will need to provide proof of affordability to qualify.

PostBank is situated in every Post Office retail branch nationwide. The service provides South Africans with reliable, accessible and most importantly- affordable banking.

Up until recently, PostBank was only a deposit-taking facility. The institution is known for offering savings accounts with some of the best interest rates on the market.
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Thuthukani Financial Services loans

Thuthukani Financial Services loans

With 40 branches nationwide, along with a client base of 100 000, Thuthukani Financial Services is one of the fastest growing micro finance institutions providing affordable credit solutions in South Africa.

As a micro lender, Thuthukani Financial Services is committed to giving clients access to affordable credit solutions.

Thuthukani is fast gaining popularity for its stellar service which ensures clients are efficiently. Even if you are not able to get assistance from traditional lenders, Thuthukani Financial Services is able to help.
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