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Absa credit card requirements

Having a credit card offers individuals the benefit of having the convenience of access to money any time they want. Absa Bank offers credit as part of its suite of products. The bank offers different cards designed to cater to different people with varying incomes.

The application process is simple and individuals can also earn cash rewards. Safety is at the top of most peoples’ concerns when it comes to transacting.

For this reason, Absa also has a “notify me” option which informs clients via SMS or email when transactions take place on their accounts.

Tell me more about Absa Credit Cards?

Student Credit Card:
To apply for this loan, applicants must be full time students. You must provide a valid ID and proof of residence. The minimum monthly income required is R200. The loan also offers the benefit of having no monthly service fee, no transaction fee on purchases as well as Lost card Protection.

Absa Transact Credit Card:
To apply for this loan you need to have a monthly income of R2000. You need to be 18 years or older, with a valid South African ID and you must provide proof of residence. This credit option is ideal for first-time applicants. This card comes with free monthly statements and basic travel insurance. It can also be used for fuel purchases.

Absa Affinity Credit Card:
To potentially qualify for this card you must have a monthly income of at least R4000 and be 18 years or older to apply. You’ll need to provide proof of residence to apply and a valid South African ID.

Absa Gold Credit Card:
You need to be 18 years or older to apply, earning a monthly income of at least R4000. Proof of residence and a valid ID are required. Benefits include automatic basic travel insurance, free monthly eStatements and a free secondary card.

Absa Titanium Credit Card:
Be 18 years or older, with a valid ID and proof of residence to apply. Benefits include 57 days of interest free credit and 24 hours access to Absa online, cell phone banking and telephone banking.

Absa Platinum Credit Card:
This is known as the most prestigious credit card from Absa and is available to individuals with a monthly income of R25 000 or more.

Absa Credit Cards department contacts

To contact Absa, call: 0861 11 44 11

Visit: www.absa.co.za

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