Aprofin Loans

Aprofin Loans – providing the peoples’ loan of choice

Aprofin Loans is a specialist provider of fast, convenient and efficient loans. The institution is a leading company that provides South Africans with personal, business and blacklisted loans.
An NCR-registered lending institution, Aprofin’s friendly and efficient personnel are on hand to provide expert advice regarding the National Credit Act. Aprofin will never give a loan to an individual that is greater than what that individual can afford. The lender will also never provide a credit facility with ongoing monthly costs.

What are the benefits associated with Aprofin loans?

Aprofin knows the challenges faced by South Africans trying to find assistance in the form of finance. They understand how challenging it can be getting a loan as a blacklisted individual especially. It’s for this reason that they provide services that will cater to all people – whether they have good or bad credit records.
Aprofin provides solutions designed to help you clear your credit history.
As an approved client, you can get up to R10 000 in finance, making it easier for you to have the financial freedom to make your dreams come true. You are free to use the loan however you wish – be it as a down payment for your first car, paying for education costs, or paying for a long –overdue holiday.
There are favourable repayment terms, making it easier to fulfil your debt obligation to Aprofin.
The application process is simple and can be completed online, so there are no lengthy bank queues to wait in or invasive interviews with consultants.
Credit checks are done, to ensure that loans are not granted to individuals who are over-indebted, or to those who won’t be able to make repayments comfortably and timeously.

Payday loans are offered from R700 up to R4000 which can be useful for financial emergencies.
Aprofin gives loan recipients the option of loading their loan onto a NuCard which comes with a low monthly fee of R3.99, set fees for ATM withdrawals and free swipes at points of sale.

Try out the loan calculator or loan application.

To benefit from Aprofin, call: 012 546 5747 or email: apply@aprofin.co.za
Visit: www.aprofin.co.za

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