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blue bean credit card

BlueBean Credit Card

BlueBean Credit Card – Many individuals have come to rely on credit cards for financial assistance. While some people may use credit cards to help supplement their disposable income, others simply use them for lifestyle needs.

BlueBean is a division of Standard Bank. A proudly South African credit card company, Blue Bean strives to save its clients’ time and money by offering competitively priced solutions. If you’re looking for a quality credit provider, with numerous rewards, consider the Blue Bean credit card.
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Woolworths Credit Card

Woolworths Credit Card

Woolworths is a leading retail outlet in South Africa. This store is renowned for providing superior quality, exciting innovation and excellent value for its clients. First opened in October 1931, Woolworths has grown to become a popular, reliable brand with innovative products and services.

The cards are created to help individuals meet their unique financial needs. Credits cards can be useful for helping individuals pay for goods and services which may otherwise be inaccessible to them. Credit cards, when used responsibly, can help individuals meet financial obligations.
The Woolworths Credit Card is an offering designed to help individuals with quality credit solutions. Three different cards are offered: black, gold and silver.
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Absa credit card

Absa credit card requirements

Having a credit card offers individuals the benefit of having the convenience of access to money any time they want. Absa Bank offers credit as part of its suite of products. The bank offers different cards designed to cater to different people with varying incomes.

The application process is simple and individuals can also earn cash rewards. Safety is at the top of most peoples’ concerns when it comes to transacting.

For this reason, Absa also has a “notify me” option which informs clients via SMS or email when transactions take place on their accounts.
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FinChoice Loans

FinChoice Loans Online

FinChoice is a division of HomeChoice, a leading provider of linen products in South Africa. For many years, HomeChoice has been providing quality products and service. The institution decided to expand on its product offering to include the short term finance.

Due to financial demands on a daily basis, many people are turning to credit when they need an extra boost of cash. FinChoice has a number of products specifically designed to help individuals with just the right amount of finance they need.
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Absa Express Loan

The Absa Express Loan is a short term loan that is useful for helping individuals with meeting day to day expenses. The economic climate of today is tough and has driven many people towards debt in order to meet their daily financial needs. One of South Africa’s leading banking institutions, Absa Bank has created a number of solutions designed to assist ordinary South Africans facing such challenges.

Through the Absa Express Loan, individuals are able to gain financial assistance for their short term needs.

Individuals are able to rely on the loan when they need cash to see them through to their payday.
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FNB Overdraft Loan

FNB is a banking institution driven by the goal to create innovative and effective financial solutions for clients. One of these solutions is the FNB overdraft.

The FNB overdraft is a short term credit facility designed to assist individuals when they are facing financial challenges. It is a reserve of funds that are made available when you’ve run out of funds in your account.

To potentially qualify for this solution, you must have an active FNB cheque account.
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Mpowa Finance Loans

Mpowa Finance Loans

Mpowa Finance loan is a financial institution that provides fast, convenient payday loan solutions.  These loans are fast gaining popularity in South Africa, mainly due to easier access, simple application processes and less stringent qualifying criteria.

While many traditional financial institutions such as banks are offering a range of loan services, many individuals are turning to alternative short term loan solutions such as payday loans offered by micro lenders. These institutions are often favoured due to simpler application processes and fast turnaround times.
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Wesbank Loans Application

Financial challenges affect many individuals once in a while. While turning to friends and family for financial assistance may be helpful, it’s not always an option. Wesbank is a division of FirstRand Bank Limited and leading financial institution that is dedicated to servicing such needs of ordinary individuals.

Wesbank loans provides financial solutions in the form of personal loans. Available from R5000 to R150 000, the loans are offered with a fast and convenient application process.

Individuals are then able to use the loans however they wish. They could use the loan for paying for renovations to their home, for tertiary education costs or even for settling a medical bill.
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Absa Revolving Loan Online

The Absa Revolving Loan is an online facility that provides qualifying individuals with access to funds without having to re-apply. This is an ongoing loan facility for an agreed amount of money.

Life tends to be unpredictable and financial circumstances are always changing. Sometimes individuals may need an extra boost of cash during challenging times.

How does the Absa Revolving Loan work?

If you happen to run out of money during the month, the Absa Revolving Loan could potentially give you the help you need. This loan is available to individuals who have an active Absa transactional account.
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absa student loans

Absa Student Loans

The Absa Student Loan is a financing model designed to help individuals with financing their tertiary education costs. Higher education is an aspirational goal of many individuals in South Africa. While many people are willing to work hard to gain acceptance into tertiary institutions, not everyone can afford to pay for fees.

In light of the recent #FeesMustFall student protests, it has become more evident that fees are highly expensive.

Absa has become known to be reliable and affordable, leading it to be recognised as the number one bank in the country. The bank is a financial institution that is in tune with the needs of its customers.
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