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Ways to benefit from Bidvest Bank Vehicle Finance

For many people, owning a car becomes possible once they’ve been approved for vehicle finance. Nowadays there are various ways to finance a vehicle and numerous financial institutions offer vehicle finance. One such institution is Bidvest Bank.

As a fully-fledged niche bank, Bidvest Bank was born to “change the way people and businesses view financial solutions”.  As an international services, trading and distribution company, the JSE-listed company operates in South Africa, as well as five other continents. Over 141 000 people are employed worldwide.

The Bidvest Group has been delivering top quality service since 1988. Founded in 1997, its financial Services division has been providing a range of reliable financial products and services.

Bidvest Bank Limited is a licenced financial services provider and registered credit provider. It’s a dynamic business that sees opportunities and market gaps that ‘traditional’ banking often neglects or ignores.

Bidvest Bank has over 100 branches nationwide and also specialises in money management. In addition to this, the bank offers vehicle finance. Bidvest offers personal and professional vehicle finance for travel allowance recipients in South Africa.

Tell me more about Bidvest Bank Vehicle Finance?

Bidvest Bank offers Professional, Motor Car Finance and will help you find and secure your next vehicle at the best available rate.

Bidvest Bank Vehicle Finance provides simple, tax-effective finance options.

The Instalment Sale Agreement offers clients up to 72 months to repay. Monthly repayments can also be reduced by structuring in a balloon payment. A balloon payment is a larges lump sum payment that is scheduled at the end of a series of smaller periodic payments that pays the loan in full. This option is possible if your credit rating allows.

The Finance Lease Agreement option is useful if you finance for less than 60 months.

Operating rental allows you to lease the vehicle over a specified period up to 60 months, depending on the monthly distance travelled.

Additional Services offered with Bidvest Bank Vehicle Finance include:

  • Maintenance Plans
  • End of Contract Sales
  • Vehicle Hire
  • Roadside Assistance



To contact Bidvest, call: 0860 11 11 77


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