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BlueBean Credit Card

BlueBean Credit Card – Many individuals have come to rely on credit cards for financial assistance. While some people may use credit cards to help supplement their disposable income, others simply use them for lifestyle needs.

BlueBean is a division of Standard Bank. A proudly South African credit card company, Blue Bean strives to save its clients’ time and money by offering competitively priced solutions. If you’re looking for a quality credit provider, with numerous rewards, consider the Blue Bean credit card.

More about the different credit cards offered by BlueBean:

BlueBean Classic Credit Card:
To qualify for this card you must have a minimum income of R4000 per month.

BlueBean Silver Credit Card:
Applicants must have a minimum income of R4000 per month.

BlueBean Gold Credit Card:
A minimum monthly salary of R8000 is required.

BlueBean Premium Credit Card:
The credit card is offered to individuals earning R25 000 or more per month.

BlueBean Credit Card application requirements

To apply for any of the Blue Bean Credit Cards, applicants must fulfil certain criteria. This includes:

  • Being a South African resident
  • Being older than the age of 18 years

Features of the BlueBean Credit Card

  • There are no transaction fees charged on purchases
  • The card can be used for fuel purchases
  • You can design your own blue Blue Bean credit card
  • You can get up to 55 days of interest-free credit for balances paid in full
  • A budget facility is available
  • There is a balance transfer option
  • A credit protection plan is included, to cover the outstanding debt in the unfortunate event of death, retrenchment or critical illness.
  • Clients also get free lost card protection, so they are not held liable for any purchases made on their card if reported stolen.
  • Credit card holders also benefit from basic automatic travel insurance.
  • Automatic bill payment ensures that balances are paid when they are due every month. A simple debit order facility can be arranged.

BlueBean Credit Card department contact details

To contact BlueBean, call: 0860 121 131

Visit the website:

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