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Have you ever been slapped with a ridiculously large bill unexpectedly? Or you really had to fix that oil leak that crept up on you out of nowhere? Or how about the time your geyser suddenly malfunctioned right bam in the middle of winter? Wouldn’t it have been helpful if you had the cash to attend to all of those unwanted surprises? Most of us live on a budget and to have an emergency occur is often an invitation to panic and frustration. Boineelo finance understands that you may not always have the cash on hand to attend to emergency situations.

Bioneelo finance offers financial services to people who work in the private and in the public sectors and they also offer their services to pensioners who receive their salary from the government. Bioneelo finance offers short term loans usually for a period of one month because they know that you may need cash immediately for unexpected circumstances. At Bioneelo finance they know that you may not have the time to wait for pay day which is why they are here to offer you cash on a short term basis.

In order to be considered for a loan at Bioneelo finance you need to meet the qualifying criterion which means that you need to have a permanent job or be earning a salary from the government as a pensioner. You will need to provide the financial consultant with your latest payslip, three months bank statement, South African Identity document and proof of residence. Bioneelo finance will then conduct a credit check at a low interest, based on your credit history. Bioneelo finance will lend you any amount from R50 to half of your net salary according to your credit record in accordance with the National credit regulation rules.

A short term loan is commonly known as a loan that is arranged to be paid back in less than a year and they are a great alleviation to surprise obligations that need financial attention however; it is wise to ensure that you do not take them for granted simply because they are short and perhaps not so hefty, opening a large number of them can be a cause for concern. It is imperative that you asses your circumstance accurately before plunging yourself into a short term loan because the experts do not necessarily agree with them.

Short term loans are created to assist you immediately and quickly so it is important to note that paying them back is very similar to the process of receiving them, the option of paying them after a lengthy period of time is not made available. That is one of the disadvantages when looking at one loan at a time. They also happen to be one of the most expensive loans out there. For example if you take out R100 you may be obligated to pay back up to R40 on top of the R100. This is why it is better to go to a financial institute like Bioneelo finance as a pose to a loan shark to ensure you do not end up paying exorbitant prices. Bioneelo is here to answer your short term loan inquiries and to ensure you are taken care of according to what you can afford.

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