Cash Converters Loans

Cash Converters Loans with FNB

Something incredible has come from Cash Converters. We could all do with a little extra cash especially seeing as the economy has hit a hard low. Getting a loan can seem somewhat daunting; you’ll find yourself bombarded with so many questions such as: Do I really need a loan? Can I afford to take out a loan? How long will it take to pay it back? What is the interest rate? We all get frustrated with the thought of taking a loan out however; a loan doesn’t have to be a big scary monster but rather a temporary solution to an immediate problem.

Cash Converters Loans

Taking a loan out means you create opportunities that otherwise could not have existed. A loan is the answer to that down payment on a mortgage, a loan is the answer to your need for transportation, and a loan is the answer to your children’s tertiary accommodation. Cash converters make it simple and practical to take out a loan and they have even gone a step further making sure that you have access to your money through convenience.

The good news is that Cash Converters has partnered with FNB and have created an innovative way to access your funds. The loan that you take out from Cash Converters can now immediately be loaded onto your FNB Visa eWallet Card. The card makes sure that your money is safe and sound through pin protection. The ways in which you can access your money have been sweetened with freebies such as free point of sales swipes and a free withdrawal at any FNB ATM.  This means you can use your card at numerous and various places with the assurance of knowing that your money is safe.

Partnering with FNB has given Cash Converters access to the many benefits that consumers use on a day to day basis; this means you have above and beyond the luxury of withdrawing your money from your cashier’s card; you also have the luxury of accessing the many eWallet transactions such as making sure you never have to run to the store to buy airtime, but you can do it on your SMART device by purchasing Prepaid airtime wait, that is not all. We are living in the digital age and we all need Data if not on a daily basis then on a weekly or monthly basis, the eWallet transaction options gives you the relief of purchasing Data on your SMART device as a pose to having to run to the stores (We all dread it). The eWallet transactions are so need orientated that there is even an option of purchasing electricity on your SMART device, making sure that you are warm and toasty during this winter.

cash converters loan process

We have all been in a situation where a friend or family member is in need of money but it was too late to go to the shops or find an ATM; that frustration ends through the option of being able to send money to anyone through your SMART device by using the eWallet transaction that enables you to send money to friends and family. There is so much that Cash Converters offers through its partnership with FNB such as the option to transfer your loan money to any South African bank and to execute any bill payments that you may have. There are no monthly fees, SMS transactions and notifications are free as well as balance inquiries.

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