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Corlett City pawnbrokers for cash

Corlett City is a national pawn broking company through National Pawn Brokers that provides quality services to South Africans to help them meet their short term finance needs. If you are looking for immediate, simple, reliable, secure and no-fuss service, Corlett City may be the ideal solution for you.

Services are aimed at providing assistance to people looking for short term cash loans.

In past years, pawn brokers did not have a shining reputation and could mainly be found in dingy parts of town, where most people were reluctant to go. Recently the micro lending industry in South Africa has grown rapidly and has also created more opportunities for pawn brokers. Nowadays, more individuals are using services offered by pawn brokers.

Why choose Corlett City – National Pawn Brokers?

The average transaction is under 5 minutes, so you won’t waste any time waiting in long bank queues. You won’t have to go through any time-consuming interviews with numerous consultants.

The institution has expertise in fine jewellery, diamonds and fine watches. It also offers loans against cars, which you can still drive in the interim. All you need to do is arrange a day to bring your goods for appraisal and the loan amount you are granted will be based on the value of the specific goods.

You have the benefit of friendly and efficient staff and goods are stored safely.

You get instant cash solutions to help you meet your pressing financial needs. As soon as you are approved, you get the loan amount paid to you in a method of your choice. Your goods are stored safely for the duration of the loan term. Once you have repaid your loan, you can get your items of value back.

Corlett City National Pawn Brokers contacts

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