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HomeChoice Loan

Understanding HomeChoice Loan services

The scourge of the economy can be felt by so many of us in South Africa. The instability of the economy has us finding it more and more difficult to meet ends meet. Unforeseen emergencies have a nasty habit of creeping up on us when we least expect them and at the time of the month where all the money has been used. When something breaks down or stops working we have no choice but to fix it or replace it based on the damage caused or when you need to send money home immediately to assist financially where needed; this can be a cause for frustration but not anymore thanks to HomeChoice Loans.
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weddingfin loans

Get wedding finance loans with WeddingFin

Just when you were beginning to think that it’s just not going to happen for you. You actually mastered the strength to focus on your career and other gratifying interests. You were going strong and happy and out of nowhere, very unexpectedly there he is on one knee! The shock and thrilling excitement that rushes through you is like electricity. Once you’ve said or rather screamed YES a thousand times and all is settled; it’s time to plan the wedding! You may be left gobsmacked when you’ve sat down with your bestie or your family to look into all the details that go into planning a wedding, especially when looking at all the costs involved.
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TymeDigital bank loans and other services

TymeDigital by Commonwealth Bank SA gets operating license

TymeDigital bank – For the past 18 years, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) had not awarded an operating licence to any bank. But late last month, the chief bank granted Commonwealth Bank SA a green light to operate on South African soil.

Joining an already competitive banking sector, the bank, in Patrice Motsepe’s ARC Commonwealth has a stake, is expected to be a full service digital bank (where you can deposit, withdraw, transfer and apply for loans) that will no doubt cause a panic among other banks. The financial institution becomes the first South African bank since 1999 to be allowed to operate.

TymeDigital loans by Commonwealth Bank SA Partnerships with chain stores

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udu loans south africa

UDU Financial Services loans

Udu loans South Africa

Not so long ago we all had to endure the painful strain of waiting on the other end of the phone for what seemed like hours to establish the process of getting a loan; this was usually done by calling a call centre and literally being sent from post to pillar leaving you frustrated and virtually exhausted. Well that is all in the past. We at Udu (which is pronounced as “You Do”) have created an exciting, efficient and user friendly online platform using the latest technology tools to make the process of obtaining a loan quick at only the click of a button. Continue reading

Pick-n-Pay-food credit

Pick n Pay food on credit and other Financial Services

Pick n Pay food on credit South Africa

Pick n Pay is a well known and loved South African retail brand. Pick n Pay is the one stop for all your grocery needs, liquor needs and when they launched their clothing brand they really excelled in the department of convenience. Pick n Pay is an ongoing generator of innovation that meets and goes beyond customer expectation and this is proven by their recent offering of financial services. Continue reading

GP Credit loans South Africa

GP Credit loans South Africa

Most of us living in the South African economy have probably experienced the frustration of reaching month end only to have most if not all your salary immediately disappear from all those debit orders. Not having the financial means to meet your monthly obligations is never a welcomed event. At GP credit we understand how daunting this can be especially when faced with unforeseen household expenses which are forever fluctuating. The great benefit about getting financial assistance from GP Credit is  that we will pay you the loan amount directly into your bank account within 24 hours should your loan be approved.
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Global Property loans

Global Property loans South Africa

Bad Credit Loans Available Here – Global Property

It has become a thing of normalcy to take out a loan and another one and here and there and just one more and oh just a little one there too to close financial gaps in our lives. A lot of people live literally from hand to mouth which is no shock in this very tough economy we find ourselves in. It is no wonder that a large number of people find themselves blacklisted and unable to meet their financial obligations and even so still find themselves struggling and in need of more financial solutions. Well when you find yourself in this situation, have no fear; Global property is here to assist you. At Global Property we say yes when everyone else keeps saying no.
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