Eminent Finance loans

Eminent Finance loans

About Eminent Finance loans

When it becomes harder and harder to keep up with your financial obligations; it may be a good sign to get some help; family and friends? That can be a bit awkward at times and terribly embarrassing. So you need money to make sure that all you promised your children for Christmas comes true, or you really need to get the house patched up before everyone comes for Christmas Dinner or maybe you just need a well-deserved holiday after the long and hardworking year you’ve had; whatever your situation may be; a little financial injection can go a really long way.

Eminent Finance is here to meet your financial needs. They are one of the leading micro loan finance lenders in South Africa. This institution was established with the fundamental purpose of providing micro loans to anyone in need of instant cash especially those who are un-bankable such as micro entrepreneurs. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of cash just to get you through the month and that’s where Eminent Finance comes in. They not only finance the un-bankable but they also assist anyone who is looking for a short term loan.

A short term loan is a loan that is payable within a short period of time usually between a month and 12 months; not exceeding a year. A short term loan is therefore perfect for when you are looking for a quick and instant financial fix.

Eminent Finance Products

There are different types of short term loans available such as:

  • Pay Day Loans.
  • Personal Loans.
  • Consolidation Loans.

A Pay Day loan is a loan that you take out with the requirement and intention of paying it back within the next 30 days; basically on your next pay day. A Pay Day loan is great for something small like fixing your fridge. A personal loan is usually a large sum of money that needs to be paid back within a year or more depending on the financial situation and the terms and agreements thereof. A consolidation loan is a great loan for anyone who is over indebted and is struggling to pay back their credit providers.


If you are in need of a short term loan; all you need to do is download the loan application form that is available on their website. Complete the form and fax it to their head office that is located in Centurion.

Eminent Finance loans Requirements

In order to be considered for a short term loan with Eminent Finance you must provide the following:

  • A South African ID.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Recent salary slip.
  • 3 Months bank statement.
  • Be permanently employed at the same place for more than 3 months.
  • Earn a disposable income of R2 500 and more.

Eminent loan Contact Details

Web: www.efin.co.za
Tel: 086 101 8888
Fax: 086 612 1735 or 012 667 5964

All details regarding affordability and loan amounts are documented in the application form that can be accessed via their website. Eminent Finance is registered with the National Credit Regulator which means that all your concerns and processes are in legal and professional hands. Make an inquiry today and get the financial alleviation you require today.

Eminent Finance loans

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