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Since the amendment of the National Credit Act in 2005, the financial industry in South Africa has undergone a number of changes. One of these changes is the vast growth of the micro lending sector. More South Africans have access to quick, easy payday loans as a result.

Express Finance is a leading micro lending institution that specialises in making it much easier for individuals to have access to short-term loans. The institution specialises in short-term cash loans for unexpected expenses. You’ll be able to pay for an unexpected medical bill or for an unexpected car repair. Express Finance places no limits on how you can use the loan amount.

By visiting the website you can use the online sliders to work out how much you need and how long you have to repay the loan. You’ll also be able to get a fee breakdown, giving you a transparent view of the entire loan process.

At Express Finance, as a first-time user, you may get 40% off on the initiation and service fee. The institution also offers a special discount rate to government, state and semi-state-owned companies.

Payday loans are offered up to R3000 for first time customers. As an existing customer you can get access to a maximum of R5000. You can repay the loan within a maximum of 35 days.

How do you apply for Express loan?

  • Create an account online. You can rely on an easy-to-use application process.
  • You can then apply.
  • A credit check will be done as well an affordability assessment.
  • Your credit agreement is displayed to you and you can download it under “My Account”. There are no hidden charges, so you will know exactly how much will be loaned to you as well as how much you can expect to repay.
  • You’ll receive confirmation via email.

To qualify, you need to have a bank account with any one of the major banks, with debit order facilities.

To contact Express Finance, call: 031 708 3751 or send an email to or

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