FinaidSA cash loans

FinaidSA cash loans- providing Legal and Financial Assistance

For many South Africans, having access to credit solutions in the form of personal loans is often the best option for getting out of a financial dilemma. While finance is available from traditional financial institutions such as banks, more people are using the services of alternative lenders. This is mainly due to the less-stringent qualifying criteria and the easy application processes involved.

FinaidSA is a financial institution that offers a unique service. Available via a monthly subscription, it offers emergency mobile legal and financial assistance.

In addition to legal aid, FinaidSA provides a free emergency cash grant. This service may only be accessed by individuals who subscribe to the FinaidSA service.

What packages are offered by FinaidSA?

  • A Gold package is available for R169 per month
  • A Silver package is available for R129 per month
  • A Bronze package is available for R99 per month

How much finance is offered?

The initial maximum benefit is R500 for the first three months. Thereafter, you may be granted finance depending on the package you have subscribed to.

A R2000 maximum emergency cash benefit is offered for the Gold package, while a R1500 cash benefit is offered for the Silver package. Bronze package subscribers may have access up to R1000 emergency cash.

What are the benefits of subscribing to FinaidSA?

By subscribing to FinaidSA, you may have the option to request the emergency cash you need and it will be transferred to your card within 24 hours.

The application process is simple. You may need to prove that you have exhausted all other avenues for getting a loan and you will have to be up to date with your monthly subscription fees to qualify.

Subscribing to FinaidSA also means that you have access to more services, including the Emergency mobile Response Service and Emergency Legal Assistance.

The Emergency Mobile response Service is a mobile panic button that notifies your predefined list of friends or family members of your emergency via SMS. A maximum of 5 recipients can be signed up for the service.

The Emergency Legal Assistance Service offers subscribers access to legal professionals who can provide telephonic general legal advice. A maximum of 6 consultations for 30 minutes each per annum is offered. The Extended Legal Assistance Service from FinaidSA offers an additional 2 face-to-face consultations of 1 hour each per annum.

How to apply for FinaidSA:

  • Register online (Make sure that you have your ID number and your debit or credit card details handy).
  • Pay your once-off registration and monthly subscription fees (via debit order from your MasterCard or Visa card).

FinaidSA contact details

To contact FinaidSA, call: 086 155 2465 or send an email to


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