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FNB Insurance

First National Bank (FNB) always strives to help South Africans transact, save, invest, and grow their businesses. The bank is a key player in the financial industry. It is one of the top 4 banks in South Africa. This has allowed the consistency of FNB to extend outside the borders of the nation. The bank has a big footprint across the African Continent. There are a lot of products that FNB offers. One of them is FNB Commercial Property Insurance. It is designed to cover assets, liability and financial loss.

About FNB Insurance Options

Modern lifestyle is highly costly especially when it comes to purchasing good quality products. These products are sometimes bought as an aspiration or a dream, like a dream car.  However these expensive items can suffer damage or theft; turning a dream into a nightmare. FNB has insurance to cover such items that you have an emotional attachment to and ascribe value.

There are countless options for insurance in the market place. However with FNB Insurance you are treated as an individual, as a distinct person. That is why FNB insurance products have been made to fit and suit your pocket. Experience in this field has made us come to the conclusion that conditions and situations are different for everyone and every family. Our products are designed with the individual customer in mind. The following are products on offer by the bank:

FNB Assets Insurance offers asset cover to items such as vehicles, bakkies and motorcycles. Home items and contents are also covered in this scheme. The insurance extends to cover property. This includes walls, house, pavement, motor gates, geysers and items that are a part of the house inside and outside. Items that are portable too are covered, such as cellphones and tablets or laptops.

FNB Life Insurance offers life cover to incidents such as critical illness or disability. The amount for payout ranges. Starting at R200 000 and it can reach as much as R10 million as a lump sum and cash beatification. FNB life insurance gives you the option to choose which policy will best suit your life.

FNB Funeral Insurance offers coverage on funeral related situations and it pays out within 24 hours.  The insurance will pay out double for an accidental death of the insured or their spouse. The insurance does not require medical tests when making a claim.

Services recap

  • Life Insurance
  • Funeral Insurance
  • Asset Insurance


  • Cover over loss damage
  • Cover pays double on accidental death
  • Affordable premiums


FNB Insurance has an easy method to access the services and products on offer. All applicants will be required to have the following.

  • A valid South African Identity Document (ID)
  • Proof of residency, your address not less than 3 months old
  • Must be working and earning.
  • Proof of work through a 3 months’ pay slip.

FNB Insurance Contact Details

To get more information on how you can benefit from FNB Insurance call them:
Tel: 087 577 4777
Web: website www.fnb.co.za

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