FNB Overdraft Loan

FNB is a banking institution driven by the goal to create innovative and effective financial solutions for clients. One of these solutions is the FNB overdraft.

The FNB overdraft is a short term credit facility designed to assist individuals when they are facing financial challenges. It is a reserve of funds that are made available when you’ve run out of funds in your account.

To potentially qualify for this solution, you must have an active FNB cheque account.

If you are approved for the overdraft, FNB will provide you with extra funds to help you. To potentially qualify you need to earn a certain salary on a monthly basis. The loan will be granted based on your affordability. FNB recognises that each individual or business entity is unique and has specific needs and requirements. For this reason, the interest you are charged will also be individualised or based on your business’ unique financial standing.

Tell me more about how the FNB Overdraft Loan works?

  • You must have an active FNB cheque account
  • You only pay for the overdraft if you use it
  • You get personalised interest rates
  • There are no stipulated monthly repayments
  • The overdraft can be applied for by both individuals as well as businesses
  • The overdraft provides financial flexibility as it allows individuals or businesses to meet their financial needs despite having run out of funds.

FNB Overdraft Loan – How do you apply?

Visit the FNB website at www.fnb.co.za

Complete a Call-me-back form or you can also call 087 575 9404

FNB Overdraft Loan requirements

  • Valid South African ID
  • Latest payslip
  • Proof of residence
  • Consent from spouse (if married in community of property)

FNB aims to create efficient solutions for its clients. If you need an extra boost of cash when you’re in a financial bind, you can rely on FNB to assist.

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