FNB Temporary Loan – convenient personal loan solution

FNB is a leading South African banking institution with a vested interest in providing innovative financial solutions. Nowadays many individuals rely on various sources to get extra income, such as micro lenders. First National Bank has stepped up to ensure that it provides unique services to its clients.

One of these unique services is the FNB Temporary Loan. This is a personal loan which can be applied for at any FNB ATM, through internet banking, cell phone banking or at an FNB branch.

Available to existing FNB customers, the FNB Temporary Loan is easy to access and has a convenient application process.

To qualify for this loan you need to earn at least R3000 per month. The amount you qualify for is also dependent on your credit profile and individual affordability.

Once approved for the loan, the amount is immediately made available in your personal cheque account or Smart account.

What are the benefits of the FNB Temporary Loan?

If you repay the total loan amount within 31 days, you pay no interest.

There are various ways to apply for the loan amount. You can either visit any FNB ATM, apply by using internet banking, use cell phone banking or simply visit your nearest FNB branch and speak to a consultant to assist you. For cell phone banking you can simply dial *120*321#

Any deposits made into your FNB transactional account from the day after taking up the loan will be allocated towards repayment of the loan.

Repayment is arranged via debit order, simplifying the process for you. You won’t have to waste any time running around at month end to repay the loan.

Once the money is available in your account, following approval, you will have the freedom to use it however you wish.

To contact FNB, call: 0861 276 937

Visit their website here: www.fnb.co.za

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