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About Game
First opened in Durban, South Africa in 1970, Game Stores is now the third largest distributor of consumer goods on the African continent. As a specialist discount retailer, Game wanted to create a fun shopping environment for its customers. The subsidiary of Massmart Holdings has not only maintained the shocking pink colour its brand is known for, but it has gone on to successfully operate 110 stores in 12 African countries.

Game Services

  • Game offers its customers access to a wide array of products and unique services. Non-perishable groceries are sold at discounted prices, giving customers more savings.
  • Game also promises to give its customers guaranteed service on every product sold.
  • In addition, the retailer offers various credit solutions as well as Game Loans.

More about Game Loans and credit solutions:

Offering up to R150 000 in finance to qualifying individuals, Game Loans are simple to access. While in the past, applying for a loan was a lengthy process, with a lot of paperwork, nowadays loan applicants have the benefit of fast, easily-accessible loans that are also paperless. Thanks to the advent of the internet, Game Loans applicants can submit an application online.

To apply, first SMS your ID number, initials, surname and monthly salary to 47652. A consultant will contact you to complete the application process.

Not only does this allow them to save time, but they also save on money which they otherwise would have spent on travel expenses. Once you have been approved for a loan from Game, you can expect the amount in your account within 24 hours.

Game Loans are repayable within 12-60 months, giving individuals a reasonable amount of time to repay the loan, without putting too much pressure on their budgets. Game Loans and credit solutions are available to employed individuals who are above the age of 18 years, with a valid South African ID. Applicants must also be employed and should be earning at least R2000 per month. The latest 3 months’ payslips should also be provided for the application.

What are the benefits of choosing Game Loans?

  • Game Loans are repayable in fixed monthly instalments, giving individuals the benefit of being able to budget ahead of time, as they will know exactly how much they will have to repay at the end of each month. Loan repayments are also not affected by fluctuations in the prime interest rate.
  • Game Loans are paid within 24 hours, so loan applicants won’t have to wait too long to have access to the finance that they need.
  • There are no limits placed on loan applicants on how they can use their loan. Whether they choose to pay off a debt, or to pay for their child’s school fees, or even to renovate a house- the choice is theirs.
  • Free electronic statements are provided, making it easy to keep track of loan repayment amounts that are due.
  • Customer protection insurance is also included, meaning that the loan will be paid off in the event of the borrower’s death, retrenchment or critical illness or permanent disability.
  • Game also provides its credit solutions customers with 20% off on delivery fees.

Game store loans contacts:

To contact Game, call:0861 426 333 or send an email to

game store loans

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