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Bad Credit Loans Available Here – Global Property

It has become a thing of normalcy to take out a loan and another one and here and there and just one more and oh just a little one there too to close financial gaps in our lives. A lot of people live literally from hand to mouth which is no shock in this very tough economy we find ourselves in. It is no wonder that a large number of people find themselves blacklisted and unable to meet their financial obligations and even so still find themselves struggling and in need of more financial solutions. Well when you find yourself in this situation, have no fear; Global property is here to assist you. At Global Property we say yes when everyone else keeps saying no.

Our speciality is assisting people with offering them loans even though they may have been blacklisted, or behind in arrears or they have an unfavourable credit record. We know how stressful it can be to be assaulted by debt from every angle especially if no one is interested in helping you. We understand how detrimental it can be to receive rejection after rejection by financial institutions that refuse to assist you. We have developed a solution that is tailor made for people with bad credit.

At Global Property we offer loans of up to R150 000 for people with bad credit. Ideally the blacklisted loans are best if you do not have property however you are still more than welcome to apply for a bad credit loan if you do own property and should you wish to borrow R150 000 you must then apply for a home loan for people with bad credit. Our doors are open whilst many other financial institutions have sealed their doors to people with bad credit. I am certain that you feel relieved and hopeful knowing that there is an institution that is willing to help you with a personal loan even though you may have bad credit.

You are free to use the bad credit loan for a number of personal reasons inclusive of but not limited to debt consolidation, to pay off any creditors, to start your own business, or even pay for University fees. We are not in the business to dictate to you how you should use your bad credit loan however; it would be in your best interest to settle your outstanding debt as soon as possible. Consolidating your debt can will go long way in boosting your credit record. Simply by reducing your debts paves the path to improving your credit record.

In order to qualify for the loan you need to have proof that you have bad credit. This loan is for people who are blacklisted, people who have garnishees on their payslip or anyone who does not have collateral and security to take out a personal loan.

In order to qualify this is what will be needed from you:

  • Earn at least R1 500.
  • Proof of Income.
  • Valid D Document.
  • A South African Bank Account.
  • Be Permanently Employed.

Once you provide us with all of this, then we’ll get the ball rolling.

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