Hero Life Insurance

Hero Life Insurance

Being a parent changes everything in the blink of an eye. Your little bundle of joy brings a whole new perspective to life. Once you have children they become your whole world and it goes without saying that you want to give them a great life and the best future. Hero Life Insurance was developed specifically for parents who want to give their children a great start in life. Living expenses and educational expenses for children are on the rise each day and without a plan of meeting these financial needs should or your spouse become unable to provide for your family due to unforeseen circumstances.

About Hero Life Insurance

Hero Life Insurance is targeted at young parents. Life insurance is of the utmost importance when starting a new family; have the peace of mind of knowing that your children will be well taken care of should anything happen to you or your spouse. The insurance company believes that everyone should be equipped with the correct tools when it comes to securing the future of their family. Life insurance is your financial hero with Hero Life Insurance and your children will have the opportunity to get a good quality education and make their dreams come true.

Life cover has been made extremely easy and fast to obtain with Hero Life. There are no medical tests that you have to undergo in order to qualify for life insurance and everything is done online for your immediate convenience. The simplicity of the set up on the online platform will easily direct you to the life cover that you specifically need for your unique situation.

The company ensures that they completely cut out the middle man altogether by ensuring that you are offered the correct amount of great life insurance; this means that you save money and do not have to spend money through a middle negotiator.  Life insurance is known to keep you paying the same amount throughout its term but with Hero Life Insurance this is not the case at all. Your monthly premium can be lowered as your children grow older or as you save and ensure to clear all your loans. The premium is flexible whether you want to cut it down or you want to increase it should your family grow.


  • Your premiums are guaranteed for the first 5 years.
  • You can extend your life cover whenever you wish to at the best price.
  • You may want to have life cover for the up to 20 years until your children can stand on their own two feet; Hero Life Insurance will dedicate themselves to getting you the best life insurance deal for that entire period stress free.
  • You are not obligated to taking a deal that you feel is not the best for you.
  • Their digital expertise promise to give you the best life insurance deal possible.
  • You will be assisted by your own personal consultant who is highly trained and professional.

Contact Details

Website: www.herolife.co.za
Address: Parc Du Cap, 2 Mispel Road Bellville Cape Town 7530

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