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Home Loan Junction is a leading home loan origination company that can be an essential partner when buying property. This institution has established relationships with various banks in South Africa, which makes your home-buying experience a pleasure.

Established in 2006, Home Loan Junction specialises in making the home buying experience as seamless as possible.

The home buying process can be quite stressful and confusing, without the right information. Home Loan Junction has a number or calculators available to make the process easier. This includes an affordability calculator, a bond repayment calculator, amortization calculator as well as a savings, bond and transfer calculator.

What products are available from Home Loan Junction?

Residential Home Loans: These loans are offered with flexible terms of 20 to 30 years.  Interest rates may be linked to prime, while fixed rates are available too.

Further Loans: These loans are ideal for renovations. The bank adds a second home loan to your first one and you have years to pay it off.

Buy-to-let Home Loans: These loans are popular worldwide for investment. There are good returns to supplement income or retirement funds, while there are also flexible terms from 20 to 30 years.

Commercial Loans: If you’re looking to invest in commercial property, Home Loan Junction will help you assess the commercial property. It would also help you with all the documentation and in terms of contacting the banks.

Bridging Finance: If you want to buy yourself a new home and you have not yet been able to sell your existing property, bridging finance from Home Loan Junction may be helpful.

You won’t have to find temporary rental accommodation while waiting to move into your new home. Instead you will have the finance you need to purchase your new home.

“Bridge loans are a sensible means of financing as long as the homeowner is able to afford the loan payments and as long as the new home isn’t used as collateral to acquire the loan,” says Robert de Heer, author of Realty Bluebook, which covers real estate financing.

Personal Loans: If you need extra cash, Home Loan Junction could have the right personal loan solution for you.

Home Loan Junction – contact details

Visit www.homeloanjunction.co.za for more information or call on: +27 11 867 6295

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