investec loans

Investec loans

Benefits offered by Investec personal lending

Investec Private Banking is a specialist financial services provider that helps you to manage and preserve your wealth.

From transactional banking to wealth preservation, Investec has a range of services to offer its clients.

As a banking services and asset management leader for 40 years, Investec offers clients a wide variety of financial solutions. Established in 1974, Investec operates in three major markets: South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The organisation is a specialist provider of banking, management of assets and wealth and investment services.

A registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), Investec has been listed on the London Stock Exchange and Johannesburg Securities Exchange since 2002.

In addition to helping you finance the purchase of any assets, Investec will help you with your personal loan and motor finance needs.

About Investec Personal Lending

Through this service, Investec will help you acquire the assets you need to boost your business and personal life.
Investec Personal Lending services provide personal and flexible financing for property, vehicles and lifestyle assets.

Personal Loans, with flexible solutions. Investec can help individuals who need help with resolving their cash emergencies. An expert team is dedicated to analysing the needs of each client individually and to offering a fully customised solution which is guaranteed to bring the desired results at minimal cost. A registered credit provider, Investec provides access to secured personal loans. You can borrow any amount of money up to the current value of your asset.

The lender accepts a wide range of assets as collateral. Interest rates on these types of loans are typically lower. Repayment terms on the loans are flexible. This gives clients incentive to repay the loan on time as Investec provides them with flexible solutions to meet their needs.

Additional types of finance offered through Investec Personal Lending:

  • Home Loans offer up to 100% financing.
  • Vehicle Finance offers finance that is structured according to your individual requirements.
  • Investec Personal Lending also provides medical and equipment finance.
  • Specialised finance for investment purposes- acquisition and funding of your private business enterprises. This funding is particularly for the acquisition and funding of commercial property and aircraft.

Benefits offered by Investec Personal Lending

  • Flexible lending is tailored to suit your needs.
  • You’ll benefit from market leading interest rates.
  • Investec Personal Lending offers a quick, efficient process.
  • Investec will help to structure your finance to help you maximise your tax and cash flow requirements.
  • Through this service you can get online access to your finance facility. This allows you to keep track of how much you owe at any time of the day or night.
  • Applying is simple and can be completed online. After you apply, a consultant will contact you to discuss the details of the loan. If your application is approved, the money will be paid to you shortly afterwards.</li
  • By using Investec personal lending services, You have the option to earn Investec Rewards.

Investec loans Contact details

Call: 0860 110 161
or 011 286 9663

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