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Loans Acceptable – simple loan solutions for various needs

Since opening its first branch on 1 July 2007, Loans Acceptable has been providing a range of quality financial services to South Africans.

The institution provides cell phone contracts, funeral plans, insurance, personal loans, home loans, second bonds and motor vehicle financing.

Loans Acceptable strives to provide all South Africans in need of financial help with the assistance they need, without too much regard for their previous credit ratings. The institution understands the challenges faced by individuals with less than perfect credit records when they seek finance. It’s for this reason that Loans Acceptable accepts applications from various individuals with different credit records and strives to help them find the best solution for their needs.

As an institution that is NCA compliant, Loans Acceptable provides financial services to clients in a transparent manner and in accordance with guidelines set by the National Credit Regulator.

Once you qualify for a personal loan from Loans Acceptable you have the freedom to use it any way you want to. A personal loan from Loans Acceptable can be quite handy for when you need to pay for unexpected expenses or educational costs or car repairs.

The loans are provided to individuals who may otherwise have a hard time getting assistance from traditional lending institutions.

Tell me more about Loans Acceptable loans?

Loans Acceptable is a provider of long or short term personal loans. In addition to this, consolidation loans, asset finance and vehicle finance are offered by the institution.

In 2010 the entity started providing payday loan solutions with a same day pay-out turnaround rate. Clients are required to repay these loans within 30 or 31 days or by their next pay day.

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