Cash Loans - Cape Town

Cash Loans – Cape Town

Cash loans can be helpful for when you’re facing a financial dilemma. Maybe you need some extra bucks to see you through until the end of the month, or you need to pay off a medical bill. Getting a cash loan can help you through such tough times.

The city of Cape Town is known for its beauty and trendsetting qualities. Not only can South Africans experience the best the city has to offer, but should an emergency arise, they can be assured that they will have easy access to cash loans.

Two leading cash loan providers in Cape Town include EC Finance as well as SA Cash Loans.

SA Cash Loans in Cape Town:

This institution provides personal loans to all qualifying individuals. What makes SA Cash Loans stand out is the fact that blacklisted individuals are welcome to apply.

Lon amounts re available from R500 to a maximum of R150 000. The loans can be useful for meeting both short and long term needs. Paying for costly tertiary education costs or for home renovations or even an unexpected medical bill can become much simpler with SA Cash Loans.

With up to 60 months to repay, clients are given a reasonable amount of time. To qualify for application, individuals need to be at least 18 years old, but younger than 65, permanently employed and earning a minimum of R3000 per month. They should also have an active bank account with debit order facilities.

To contact SA Cash Loans, email:

EC Finance Cape Town:

If you’re in Cape Town in need of an urgent cash loan, EC Finance can be just the right solution for you. This institution is a provider of bad credit loans, cash loans and prescribed debt loans.

Individuals with bad credit may also qualify for unsecured loans with EC Finance. The institution’s vision is to aid and educate as much as possible when it comes to alleviating bad credit.

Contact EC Finance by calling: 087 943 2500 or 021 200 6010


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