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Lotus Personal Loans Durban – providing flexible loan options

When facing a financial emergency chances are that you’ll be looking for a quick solution to your needs.  By choosing Lotus Personal Loans Durban you are assured of a fast turnaround rate, giving you quick access to finance for your needs. You don’t want a complicated application procedure, but rather a quick, hassle-free convenient process.

With competitive interest rates, Lotus Personal Loans Durban offer clients simple access to finance at interest rates that are personalised to suit individual needs. Loan amounts that are granted are based on individual affordability.

Personal loans are also provided through an easy application process. Applicants don’t have to wait in long bank queues to get access to the finance they need. Lotus Personal Loans Durban consultants are on hand to provide loan applicants with all the assistance they may need during the application process.

Another advantage of applying with a micro lender like Lotus Personal Loans Durban is that there isn’t too much paperwork to fill in. You also don’t have to wait for banking hours to apply for a loan and can save on travel costs.

Research has indicated that over 21 million South Africans are indebted, which is largely an indication of the fact that incomes are not increasing at the same rate as the cost of living. More people are turning to micro lenders for help–especially in cases where their banks aren’t willing to assist.

As a payday and personal loan provider, the lender provides a vital service to millions of South Africans. With the high cost of living and rising inflation, South Africans are finding it harder to keep up with expenses. Personal loans are often the most convenient resort for many South Africans who need fast access to cash.

Lotus Personal Loans Durban offers short term loan solutions to individuals in need of finance. Once you’ve been approved for a loan, the amount will be deposited directly into your bank account.

How can I contact Lotus Personal Loans Durban?

Call them here: 031 401 0856
Visit them here:
312 Florence Nightingale Drive

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