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Get flexible short term loans from Mashonisa

In a world where living expenses are continually rising, more people have come to increasingly rely on loans in order to cover costs. Flexible short term loans are in demand as more people use them to pay for emergencies or unexpected expenses. Even though banking institutions have been traditionally-relied upon for loan solutions, micro lenders have been known to offer more convenient services. In addition to this, these institutions have become known to provide services that are tailored to individual needs.

Financial institutions such as Mashonisa offer services that are in accordance with stipulations set by the National Credit Act, ensuring that all services are fully transparent and fair according to the law.

About Mashonisa loans

Founded in 2010, Mashonisa is a loan provider, offering 100% free-to-use services. A specialist provider of short term loans, Mashonisa offers quality services to loan applicants.

The institution provides its services by matching loan applications to qualifying lenders. Loan applicants simply have to complete a single loan application during the process and there is no need to have to go through multiple application processes. This can help to prevent negative impacts on their credit scores during the application process.

Services offered by Mashonisa loans

Mashonisa provides a loan-matching service, making it easier for individuals to get access to the type of loans that they need.

The institution gives loan applicants access to loans of up to a maximum amount of R20 000. Once they have applied and have qualified, they have the option to select the best offer.

mashonisa loans

Benefits of Mashonisa

This financial institution is aligned with over 20 credit providers in South Africa, giving loan applicants an array of options from which to select. Applicants also have access to emergency online loans, helping them meet financial emergencies. Mashonisa offers access to various loan types, so applicants can select the type of loan that they need.

Applicants can rely on Mashonisa to keep their information safe throughout the application process. They don’t have to worry about their information being shared with third parties.

Loans are offered at the most competitive interest rates, so individuals applying for loans can be assured that they will be getting them at the best interest rates available.

The application process is simple and can be completed online, making it convenient to access the loan. Individuals can apply at any time of the day, from wherever they are. There is no need to fill in stacks of paperwork and applicants can save on travel costs.

There is no need to wait in lengthy queues or to deal with numerous consultants. All individuals need to do is visit the website, apply and choose their loan option. Once approved, they will get immediate access to the loan.

Mashonisa doesn’t limit borrowers on how to use their loan. Individuals have the freedom to use the loan however they choose to. Whether this is for home renovations, for paying a deposit on a car loan or even for education costs- the choice is completely up to the individual.

Mashonisa loans contact details

Contact Mashonisa by calling: 011 027-4000. Alternatively, send an email to:


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