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MaxLoan is a finance broker division of MaxLaw, which provides financial and legal services for all South Africans. This division of the organisation has served more than 100 000 clients over the past 8 years. With seven offices across South Africa, the institution is able to provide a range of services to individuals nationwide.

MaxLoan products are provided for individuals and businesses, in the form of:

  • Personal Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Vehicle Finance

Tell me more about MaxLoan offers?

Home Loans are available from R100 000 up to R10 million. MaxLoan realises that buying a home is one of the most important milestones in life and that it is challenging to raise funds to buy a home, so they have created solutions which are designed to meet individual needs.

Personal loans are offered up to R200 000 which can be useful for meeting personal expenses, paying for medical expenses or even education costs.

MaxLoan is dedicated to providing the best service to clients. For this reason, the institution will send your application to various lenders, with the aim of finding the best solution to meet your specific individual needs. Loans are approved depending on your affordability.

Applying for a personal or home loan no longer has to be strenuous. MaxLoan provides simple application processes designed to ensure efficiency. Applicants are able to avoid time-consuming processes by relying on MaxLoan’s simple online application process. There are no lengthy queues to contend with and minimal documentation is required.

An added benefit offered by MaxLoan is that assistance is also provided if you are under debt review, under administration or if you have judgements against your name. MaxLoan understands that individual face different financial circumstances which may lead to unfortunate results such as bad credit. MaxLoan strives to provide assistance for all individuals in need of financial assistance.

To contact MaxLoan, call: 012 940 0811/2 or visit their website

View the loan calculator or loan application.

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