Mettle Vehicle Finance

Specialised financial solutions from Mettle Vehicle Finance

Mettle Vehicle Finance provided retail credit to individuals for the purpose of acquiring motor vehicles through a network of motor vehicle dealerships.

Established in 1995 as a specialist financial services company, Mettle Vehicle Finance has become recognised for innovation in the creation of specialised financial solutions.

Buying a vehicle is a goal for many individuals nowadays. Being able to move around freely without having to rely exclusively on public transport can often save time. Buying a car can be quite expensive and as a result, can also be out of reach for many individuals. Having access to vehicle finance can make the process of getting a car much easier. Being able to pay the vehicle off in monthly instalments can make the process simpler.

Why choose Mettle Vehicle Finance?

By fulfilling a few requirements you can get access to the right financial solution for your needs. Once you are approved, you could be driving away in your dream car sooner than you expect.

All-inclusive payment can include maintenance, extended warranty, tracking device and roadside maintenance.

A wide range of vehicle brands are on offer.

What is required for application?

  • Latest payslip
  • Provide a valid South African ID
  • Have an active South African bank account
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Provide latest 3 months’ bank statements
  • Provide your drivers’ licence

Vehicle Finance Tips:

If you have a good credit record you’re likely to be charged lower interest rates.

In addition to the principal portion of the debt, you’ll also be paying back interest. So the longer you take to repay vehicle finance, the more interest you’ll pay in the long run.

A down payment may not always be required, but it may be worth considering if you want to lower your overall repayment.

There are various vehicle finance options. One of the most popular is with a balloon payment option at the end of the loan term. This option makes vehicles more affordable.

The balloon payment is a lump sum that you still owe, after making repayments. Once you’ve made repayments, you will need to repay this amount in full or refinance it.


In South Africa, the vehicle finance term ranges from 12 to 72 months. You need to choose a term that will suit your budget and affordability.

To contact Mettle Vehicle Finance, call: 021 915 3300 or send an email to


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