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Motemo Finance – assisting your ordinary South Africans

Motemo finance is well aware that the economy is not performing the way in which most of us would like it to. The cost of living is getting tougher and tougher to sustain and that can leave a lot of us with holes in our pockets. We all need a source of alleviation because when your child falls suddenly ill and your car breaks down or you need some money to send back home for the funeral that just occurred; a financial answer is all you need and that is where we come in. Motemo finance offers its clients financial services and cash loans.

It is important to note that people who are 18 and above are eligible to apply for the cash loan and any of the financial services that Motemo Finance offers. Motemo Finance is located in the East Rand and applications can be done by visiting one of their offices in the East Rand either in Tembisa, Midrand, Clayville, Ebony, Olifantsfontein and Ivory however; we are able to assist you even though you are outside of the East Rand, all you need to do is contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

In order to apply for any financial product you need to be a South African citizen with a bank a bank account at any of the four major banks in South Africa and it is necessary that you bring your personal documentation as it is needed to verify the application process. The documentation that you will need is your RSA ID Book/Card, your latest 3 months banking statement, proof of residence and your recent payslip.

Motemo finance is an emergency financial provider. This means that when you have an emergency that requires monetary attention immediately you are able to contact them and they will be able to assist you especially if the major banks in South Africa are unable to assist you. Motemo can also be known as an unsecured loan. These types of loans are very common in our communities; you do not have to put up a personal asset as collateral which is probably why these types of loans are popular. What will happen is that the lender such as Motemo will simply examine your income to make certain that you earn enough to repay the loan. Having no collateral attached to the loan means that the risk of the lender (Motemo) is higher.

motemo finance cash loansThe only down part about the loan of this kind is that the interest rates are higher and that is because there is no collateral put up. The upside about a loan like this is that your assets and possessions remain safe and out of risk of being confiscated and you will have money in your pocket to meet any kind of emergency that may present itself. Taking out a loan is not easy but once you get over the fear it actually becomes an investment as well as a solution to a problem. Motemo is here to assist you to meet your needs this season.

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