Mpowa Finance Loans

Mpowa Finance Loans

Mpowa Finance loan is a financial institution that provides fast, convenient payday loan solutions.  These loans are fast gaining popularity in South Africa, mainly due to easier access, simple application processes and less stringent qualifying criteria.

While many traditional financial institutions such as banks are offering a range of loan services, many individuals are turning to alternative short term loan solutions such as payday loans offered by micro lenders. These institutions are often favoured due to simpler application processes and fast turnaround times.

Mpowa Finance is one such micro lending institution with a dedicated service offering of payday loans. These loans range from R500 to a maximum of R2500. They may be ideal for helping individuals pay for financial emergencies, such as car repairs or medical expenses. Individuals are able to repay the loan by the time their next payday comes around. This repayment is made by debit order so individuals don’t have to worry about running around at the end of the month to repay the loan.

The institution provides services that are aligned with regulations set by the National Credit Act, so individuals can rely on Mpowa to provide quality services.

In addition to providing quality financial solutions, Mpowa provides these services with interest rates that are among the lowest in the country. The application process is simple and can be completed online, making it easy for individuals to gain easy access to the funds they need. Reapplications can also be made online, making the process easier for clients.

Mpowa Finance Loans application process?

  • Complete an online application form here:
  • Create an account
  • A loan contract will be emailed to you
  • Upload your latest 3 months’ bank statements and the signed loan contract
  • A consultant will call you for a voice recording of your contract details

Mpowa Finance Loans contact

To contact Mpowa Finance, call: 0861 228 228

Visit their website here:


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