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Small business startup loans South Africa with Nedbank Gap Access

Nedbank Gap Access – business startup loans

Running a small business often comes with a range of advantages and disadvantages. One of the most common challenges faced is often a lack of finance. While it is possible for a business owner to fund their own business, this is often not an option for the majority of entrepreneurs in South Africa.

More often than not, small business owners are faced with the challenge of finding access to cash that can help them get their busiess off the ground.

Each business is also likely to have its own unique needs.

Nedbank is one of the big four banks in South Africa. Offering a wide array of products and services, the bank strives to offer its clients unrivalled services.

Through Nedbank Gap Access, the bank provides its clients with access to finance for their business needs.

What is Nedbank Gap Access?

As a business owner, sound cash flow management is vital to running your business effectively. Running a business van be unpredicatable and you may often encounter challenges along the way.

Nedbank Gap Access is designed to help you through such challenging times.

Nedbank Gap Access provides cash for small businesses when it’s needed most. It gives you cash in advanvce to help you grow your business.

The cash is then paid back as a percentage of your daily card machine turnover.

This is a unique offering designed to make it easier for companies to get access to cash when they need it most. Nedbank understands the challnges that small business owners often encounter and has created this unique offering to help bueiness owners navigate their way.

Your turnover needs to be at least R1 000 000 per annum to qualify.

Nedbank Gap Access business loans How it work

  • Sign up and get approval on yur advance.
  • Get what you need to make your business grow.
  • Pay the advance back.
  • Get another advance once you have paid off 60% of your existing advance.
  • There is minimal paperwork involved, so you can save a lot of time and money in the process.

Nedbank Gap Access requirements

  • Have an annual businnes turnovetr of at least R1 million per annum.
  • Be in business for at least 2 years.
  • Have a long transactional history with Nedbank.
  • Provide a proforma invoice and personla surety.
  • Sole proprietors do not qualify.

You have the option to partner with Nedbank’s team of experts who will sho you how Nedbank Gap Access can help take your business to the next level.

By signing up for Nedbank Gap Access you can ensure that your company always has a healthy cash flow, which is a positive reflection on its operations.

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