OUTSurance car insurance

OUTSurance car insurance South Africa

OUTSurance car insurance

Car Insurance is something that we all need. Driving in the City can be fun and thrilling but it does come with its many risks and frustrations. OUTSurance knows this which is why we have created car insurance that consists of a variety of benefits suited for your needs and peace of mind. At OUTSurance we make it our business to keep you and your car driving happily on the road at all times.

Outsurance car insurance benefits

Our benefits include the following:

  • Get a Cash OUTbonus of 10%:
    Take out car insurance with us today and be ensured that if you do not claim for a period of 3 years; you will receive 10% back of all your premiums in cash!
  • Get assisted should you experience roadside emergency:
    We are always ready and willing to come to your aid when you need us out on the road to assist you with our Help@Out emergency assistance.
  • Your Premiums stay the same for a period of 12 months:
    Even if you should submit a claim during a 12 month period; your premium will stay the same for 12 months at a time.
  • The Flat excess remains on a low:
    Regardless of the size or the value of any claim that you make; your excess through OUTSurance will remain exactly the same.
  • Quick turnaround time for any claims submitted:
    We really have something to boast about in this department because we have a great record of processing any claims made within a fairly short period of time. Our professional team of claim advisors always ensure to approve 90% of any windscreen claims within 20 minutes and they further process 70% of all the car claims due to accidents within two days.
  • Our Panel Beaters are handpicked specifically for you:
    Not only will your vehicle be repaired and approved by only the best service provider but they will also grantee the repairs for a period of 12 months.
    There are a lot of Insurance companies out there but we are so confident in our services that we will give you R400 if we can’t beat your current premium.

OUTSurance car insurance

Our App called SmartDrive@OUT rewards good driving habits through accessing information on your Smart device, if you drive better than what is expected according to your profile you stand a chance of having your premium discounted at a 25% rate within only 3 months.
At OUTSurance we are not joking when we say “You always get something out.”

We have so many amazing car insurance products available to you. You’ll get a lot more than what you bargained for with our fantastic deals.

Our Car Insurance packages are available with a common pattern that includes fixed excess, premiums that are fixed for a period of 12 months, fast claim settlements and the cherry on top is 10% cash OUTbonus of all your premiums paid if you don’t claim for 3 years. At OUTSurance we know that the South African weather can be unpredictably harsh which is why we also offer cover for hail damage as a standard offer and we will also give you free assistance (Help@Out) should you experience a roadside emergency from a flat tyre or insufficient fuel. Call us today!


King Price car Insurance

King Price car Insurance

King Price Car Insurance South Africa

Public transport in South Africa is not as efficient as we would all like it to be which is why a car is a much needed necessity to get around our cities. Waking up early in the mornings only to wait in long queues for taxis or buses can be such a huge frustration and not only is it a tedious task but it becomes very gruelling very quickly which is why a lot of people consider buying a car. Getting a car is a great investment for a more efficient lifestyle however, the cost of the instalment, fuel plus insurance can be a bit overwhelming and we at King Price Car Insurance understand that, which is why we are the only insurer that offer you insurance that decreases on a monthly basis. Yes you heard right, your car insurance with us will decrease on a monthly basis.
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GP Credit loans South Africa

GP Credit loans South Africa

Most of us living in the South African economy have probably experienced the frustration of reaching month end only to have most if not all your salary immediately disappear from all those debit orders. Not having the financial means to meet your monthly obligations is never a welcomed event. At GP credit we understand how daunting this can be especially when faced with unforeseen household expenses which are forever fluctuating. The great benefit about getting financial assistance from GP Credit is  that we will pay you the loan amount directly into your bank account within 24 hours should your loan be approved.
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Global Property loans

Global Property loans South Africa

Bad Credit Loans Available Here – Global Property

It has become a thing of normalcy to take out a loan and another one and here and there and just one more and oh just a little one there too to close financial gaps in our lives. A lot of people live literally from hand to mouth which is no shock in this very tough economy we find ourselves in. It is no wonder that a large number of people find themselves blacklisted and unable to meet their financial obligations and even so still find themselves struggling and in need of more financial solutions. Well when you find yourself in this situation, have no fear; Global property is here to assist you. At Global Property we say yes when everyone else keeps saying no.
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Nedbank debt consolidation loans South Africa

Nedbank debt consolidation loans South Africa

Finally someone has come up with a solution to solving the debt crisis that most people face in South Africa. The Nedbank debt consolidation loans are specifically designed to swiftly get you out of any debt obligations that you may have by giving you access to their great services.

Money is a tricky and delicate thing and we can’t all be experts when it comes to financial planning which is why Nedbank has financial planning experts that assist you and I with a consolidation loan plan by creating a loan plan tailor made to do away with all of your debts and simplify the process of managing your monthly repayments.
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Boineelo Finance

Assistance for people who work in the private and in the public sectors – Boineelo Finance

Have you ever been slapped with a ridiculously large bill unexpectedly? Or you really had to fix that oil leak that crept up on you out of nowhere? Or how about the time your geyser suddenly malfunctioned right bam in the middle of winter? Wouldn’t it have been helpful if you had the cash to attend to all of those unwanted surprises? Most of us live on a budget and to have an emergency occur is often an invitation to panic and frustration. Boineelo finance understands that you may not always have the cash on hand to attend to emergency situations.
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National Debt Advisors

National Debt Advisors – what you should know

No one can deny it; South Africa is experiencing such economic strife. The cost of living is fast becoming an ever growing burden with the price of food and petrol escalating frequently not to mention electricity and water which are a definite “Can’t go without” and the interest rates are always a frightening bewilderment. The current state of things in South Africa is leaving many with the desperate need to take out loans even though they may be under debt review. Should you find yourself in the position where you are seeking a loan whilst you are under debt review South Africa; you might want to consider other options first.
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