R&J Cash Loans

Do you have a financial emergency that you need to handle? Have you run out of money for the month? Do you need to pay for repairs on your car? Perhaps you need to pay for school fees and you have no savings this month. This is when a cash loan might come in handy.

R&J Cash Loans is a financial institution offering easily accessible and simple loan solutions.

Based in East London, this lender provides cash loan solutions to individuals in need of immediate access to cash.

R&J Cash Loans is one of numerous micro lending institutions that provide help for individuals looking for fast access to cash. Mainstream lenders such as banks often have strict qualifying criteria and may take quite a while to release funds. This often isn’t ideal when your car’s packed up once again and your child’s school is calling you every day to remind you to pay fees or when you suddenly fall ill and have a hefty medical bill to pay quickly.

This is where a lender such as R&J Cash Loans becomes highly useful.

Why choose R&J Cash Loans?

  • There is a simple application process
  • You won’t have to wait in long bank queues or have to deal with interviews with consultants
  • You won’t have to wait too long for your pay-out after approval
  • Repayment terms are flexible and reasonable
  • Loans are granted based on individual affordability
  • Once you are approved, you’ll get immediate access to the cash you need to meet your pressing financial emergencies

Visit R&J Cash Loans here:

8 Milner Street
North End
East London

Contact the lender by calling: 043 722 4331

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