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Unity Online Cash Loans – Having bad credit can be due to a range of reasons. You may have never opened an account before, which means that you have virtually no credit record. Or you may be struggling to repay multiple accounts and this has left you over-indebted. This has an adverse effect on your credit record, making it more challenging to get a loan when you need it the most.

Applying for credit from a traditional lender such as a bank may leave you feeling dejected because of their more stringent qualifying criteria. Your next best option might be a micro lender such as Unity Online Cash Loans.

Why choose Unity Online Cash Loans?

This lender provides access to cash loans from R500 to a maximum of R150 000.

It is an affiliate partner with handpicked NCR-accredited insurance and loan providers. So Unity Online Cash Loans will negotiate with your credit lenders to get you the best possible rates for your individual needs.

There are no associated fees for applying for its services. Only once the applicant has accepted and understood the terms and conditions of the service will fees become applicable.

Assistance is provided for individuals with bad credit.

You will get an opportunity to get an instant loan on the same day.

Interest rates that are charged are dependent on your individual credit status.

Loans will be repaid via debit order over a repayment period of 12 – 72 months. You won’t have to run around at the end of the month trying to make payments. The repayment term is also flexible enough to give you a reasonable amount of time to repay the loan.

There are no sign-up fees.

There are no credit checks.

There is no documentation required.

Debt consolidation is also offered, which can provide you with help if you are having trouble managing all your monthly repayments and if you are at risk of falling into debt.

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Visit www.unityonlinecashloans.co.za to apply.

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