Woolworths Credit Card

Woolworths Credit Card

Woolworths is a leading retail outlet in South Africa. This store is renowned for providing superior quality, exciting innovation and excellent value for its clients. First opened in October 1931, Woolworths has grown to become a popular, reliable brand with innovative products and services.

The cards are created to help individuals meet their unique financial needs. Credits cards can be useful for helping individuals pay for goods and services which may otherwise be inaccessible to them. Credit cards, when used responsibly, can help individuals meet financial obligations.
The Woolworths Credit Card is an offering designed to help individuals with quality credit solutions. Three different cards are offered: black, gold and silver.

More about Woolworths Credit Cards:

Woolworths Black credit card:
Clients can benefit from getting 3% back in Woolworths vouchers on all Woolworths purchases. Individuals can also get 1% back in Woolworths vouchers for all purchases outside of Woolies. Additional benefits include free coffee or tea at any Woolworths café and free delivery when you shop online.

Woolworths Gold credtit card:
As a gold credit card holder, you can get 2% back in Woolies vouchers on all Woolworths purchases. In addition, you get automatic basic travel insurance if you are under the age of 75. You can also draw cash at any ATM displaying the VISA logo worldwide.

Woolworths Silver Credit Card:
With this credit card offering, you get 1% back in Woolworths vouchers on all Woolworths purchases, while you get up to 0.5% back in vouchers on all purchases outside of Woolworths. Silver credit card holders also get automatic basic travel insurance if you are under the age of 75.

What you need to apply:

  • Provide a valid South African ID
  • Provide your latest three payslips or the last three months’ bank statements
  • Provide an original bank statement or utility bill

Woolworths Credit Card contact details

To apply for a Woolworths credit card, call: 0861 50 20 06

Alternatively, email: creditcard@wfs.co.za

Visit the website: www.woolworths.co.za

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