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Xcelsior Loans secured credit services

Xcelsior Loans is a privately-owned and registered credit provider in South Africa. As a short-term loan provider Xcelsior gives clients access to simple solutions for their most pressing financial needs.

Xcelsior loan against car and still drive it

One of the main differences with Xcelsior Loans is that credibility is not required from loan applicants. The only requirement is collateral in the form of motor vehicles (cars, bakkies, SUVs, trucks, motorbikes, caravans or jet skis).

This essentially means that the value of your vehicle determines the loan amount you qualify for.

No affordability assessments are conducted either.

loans against assets – Why choose Xcelsior Loans?

This unique approach is particularly beneficial to clients who are not considered credible by mainstream financial institutions in South Africa. For instance, if you have been blacklisted and are struggling to get approval for a loan from a bank, Xcelsior Loans may be the ideal solution for you.

The application process is quick, easy and paperless. Once you’ve been approved for the finance, and your asset has been appraised, you can expect the cash to be transferred into the bank account of your choice within 45 minutes.

There is no lengthy administrative process and there is no red tape involved.

The least you can get in finance is R5000, with the maximum being R500 000. The latter is only limited to the value of assets offered as security.

The Xcelsior management team boasts of 15 years of combined experience in specifically the loans sector of South Africa’s financial services industry. You can rely on their expertise, to get the right loan amount for your needs. As a registered credit provider, Xcelsior Loans provides services in line with regulations set by the National Credit Regulator.

Xcelsior Loans promises to handle transactions professionally with utmost discretion. You will be free to use the loan however you choose. Use it to pay for a financial emergency such as an unexpected medical bill or use it to cover your rent for the month or for education costs.

Your vehicle is returned to you in the exact same condition in which it was received, as soon as you’ve settled your loan.

Documents required for the application process:

  • Valid South African ID copy
  • Original registration papers of the vehicle in your name
  • Proof of address

Xcelsior loans contact

Visit the Excelsior Loans website here: www.xcelsiorloans.co.za
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